Hi guys for whoever wants to prepare PSM / Professional Scrum Master 1 Certification Preparation.

Materials to Learn

Some useful materials and reference to learn for it.

Scrum Guide

You can find Scrum Guide from: https://scrumguides.org/scrum-guide.html

During my preparation of PSM, I copied it manually to my computer and highlighted the Scrum Guide 2017. I provided this, in case this would help you reading / learning.

I also found a Scrum Guide reordered (2017), by Stefan Wolpers https://age-of-product.com/scrum-guide-reordered/ which also helped me for the preparation. You can get the PDF file automatically sent to your email by subscribing to him.

Important: Btw Scrum Guide 2020 is already out since 18 Nov 2020. So in case please also check the new actual one. I did the certification before Scrum Guide 2020 was out.

Scrum Open Assessments

You can also take an open assessment from scrum.org:

Another open assessment I found has pretty neat and clean questions to train yourself is from Mikhail Lapshin blog: https://mlapshin.com/index.php/scrum-quizzes/

Some suggested reading

The PSM 1 itself

For the PSM 1 itself some important things I experienced:

  • The time is 60 Minutes not so much for 80 questions. It means you would need to finish each question about 45 seconds. Or about 40 questions in 30 minutes. Or about 14 questions each 10 minutes. The faster the better you later you could check a bit of some questions you are unsure before.
  • During my exam, they provide feature to bookmark the questions by the exam environment, so you can use it wisely to bookmark things you want to recheck later.
  • During my exam, I could not select the text with my mouse, so my google add-on on my browser was not working. So have google translate ready with you, and be ready to retype, since there is NO copy paste text and marking text easily possible during limited time in exam. They also suggest some Chrome Add-On that I do not tried, since I was not sure whether it translate the whole page or just some text.
  • Since it is only 80 minutes for the exam for 60 questions, ensure your internet connection & enough battery for your laptop, e.g. prepare your phone tethering as well in case your internet provider suddenly goes down. If you are using desktop be sure the you don’t have electricity cut.

End word, I’m wishing you good luck. God bless you! 😊